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World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier.
This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT.
Director: Guillaume Nery
Edited by BLUENERY (c).
Music: ARCHIVE - you make me feel.

101 Meters World Record - "Save The Dolphins"
Here is William Trubridge attempting to break the world record of freediving the deepest in history...diving straight down with no fins, no oxygen, no assistance, in an effort to make awareness that we need to protect our wildlife, and specifically our dolphins. (This is the basic dive video... the more intense, artful version will be done in February, :) This is more of a prelude...
Directed by Matthew Brown

Charlie Beede - safety freediver
Brian Pucella - safety freediver
Alfredo Romo - safety freediver
Jason Sapps - deep camera
Brian Kakuk - deep camera
Paul Heinerth - deep camera
Nic Rowan - surface camera
Matthew Brown - surface camera/editor
Igor Liberti - photographer
Paolo Valenti - photographer
Thomas Ardavany - medic
Brittany Trubridge - coach

Ute Geßmann
Ben Weiss


Não sou nada perante as forças da natureza.
Mas sei o que fazer para que possamos viver em harmonia.


Publicações 2010.

Tenho pena de você
Autores: Alex Hornest e Thais Ueda
Ed. Item 72 for collectors
ISBN: 978-85-7060-934-2

A Mão Afro-Brasileira
Significado da Contribuição Artística e Histórica
The Hand of Afro-Brazilian
The Significance of its Artistic and Historical Contribution
Volume I e II - 2ª edição revisada e ampliada
Realização : Imprensa Oficial e Museu Afro-Brasil
Organização: Emanoel Araujo
Ed. Imprensa Oficial
ISBN: 978-85-7060-934-2

Museo De La Solidaridad Salvador Allende
Estéticas, sueños y utopías de los artistas de Brasil por la libertad
Nuevas Donaciones
Projecto e organización: Emanoel Araujo
Ed. Imprensa Oficial
ISBN: 978-85-7060-816-1

Sketchbooks - As páginas desconhecidas do processo criativo.
Autores: Cezar de Almeida e Roger Basseto
Apresentação de Charles Watson
ISBN: 978-85-98741-26-0

Mural Art - Vol.3
Murals on ruge public surfaces around the world fom graffiti to trompe l' oeil
Autor: Kiriakos Losifidis
Ed. Carpediem
ISBN: 978-3-939566-28-1

Rooms Magazine - Art Uncovered - Issue 02

Adoro livros e revistas. Ainda mais quando meus trabalhos estão neles.
I love books and magazines. Even more when my works are in.

Nuevo Mundo - Latin American Street Art

Nuevo Mundo - Latin American Street Art
Editor: Maximiliano Ruiz
Ed. Gestalten
ISBN: 978-3-89955-337-6

One could argue that today’s most innovative street artists come from Latin America. The unique visual styles of Onesto aka Alex Hornest, Os Gêmeos, Bastardilla, Vitché, Saner, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, and others are not only highly respected in the international art scene, but their work has also been exhibited at renowned museums including the Tate Modern and Fondation Cartier.

Nuevo Mundo is the first book to provide a comprehensive documentation of current street art in Latin America by exploring the full spectrum of regional scenes in their impressive diversity. The book is structured into chapters that introduce work from Argentina, Brazil, Central America, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Nuevo Mundo features not only established artists from Latin America, but also promising new talents. In addition to inspiring images, the book’s informed texts describe the history and context of the region as a whole and also give insight into each scene.

The explosive mixture of indigenous cultures, local folklore, and the history of European colonization has created a unique visual style. The high regard in which these young street artists are now held around the world is a sign of the new self-confidence of an entire continent. Maximiliano Ruiz has explored for years the subject of Latin American street art as author, curator, and film director. Previously based in Buenos Aires, he now works from Barcelona.

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